Yaquina Bay Bridge, Oregon

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the topic of Bridge.

The Yaquina Bay Bridge is an arch bridge that spans Yaquina Bay south of Newport, Oregon. It is one of the most recognizable of the U.S. Route 101 bridges designed by Conde McCullough. The Yaquina Bay Bridge is one of eleven major bridges on the Oregon Coast Highway designed by McCullough. It superseded the last ferry crossing on the highway.  Work on the Yaquina Bay Bridge began on August 1, 1934. The bridge opened on September 6, 1936.


Nikon D80 – handheld

70.0-300.0 mm f/4.5-5.6

F/5.0, 1/400, ISO 200



  1. I made a promise to myself:I am starting each day off with one of your photography lessons. Even if I only have time to look at one picture. I ask myself, what makes this photo so wonderful that I want to look and look at it? In fact, I want to visit the bridge, and I am so glad you gave us real information about it. It makes the photo more interesting to me. And thanks for the camera info, too.


  2. This is a real beauty. I like the angle, although it might have been forced upon you it looks great. And the use of the two colors in the bridge and the arches. Both the bridge and the image: beauties.


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