Up close with a Turkey Vulture

Oregon’s only native vulture.

For more information on the Turkey Vulture, see my Cee’s Photography post.

Sony a7II Full Frame Mirrorless – handheld

Sony FE 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 G OSS

F/11.0, 1/540, exp. -0,3, ISO 1250


    • Hi Steve, He was just sitting on the side of the road. We saw him fly up into the tree. And I got a few captures of him. Chris said she has never seen one of these guys in person before.


  1. Really appreciated the detailed information in your previous article…
    Though the photo is beautiful , this bird , in his category , is not at all an Adonis …..
    (But we should ask a she-vulture for an opinion….,really…)


  2. I’m not one to judge, usually. But this is one unfortunate looking bird. I’m sure he has a great personality, though. Aside from his disgusting eating habits. 🙂

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  3. We have a roost in a big ol’ walnut tree next to our barn. I’d like to make them go elsewhere, but they’re protected. Good to have around, as natures garbage disposals, but I wish they’d find a new home. 😃


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