Before The Storm


I took this photo earlier today, January 1, 2017.  Tonight we have a couple inches of snow.

Sony a7II Full Frame Mirrorless – handheld

Sony FE 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 G OSS

F/8, 1/1000, exp +o.7, ISO 1000


  1. Hi Cee, I knew you made an announcement of your showcase blog. I didn’t visit until now. It’s mind boggling, wow. Even the photo on this post is breathtaking. I knew about the snow. My daughter couldn’t wait to send me photos of the snow. I have to come back soon. Miriam


  2. Beautiful shot I would love a couple of inches of snow. We went out looking for some yesterday but didn’t find any!


    • Believe me no snow is wanted around here. We are not equipped for it. Everything shuts down. We don’t even have a snow plow. We normally get less than an inch a year. This is the third storm that has brought us over an inch in three weeks.

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      • Well, then maybe it will clear up soon. It has snowed over 3 inches back home in South Carolina, making me wish even more that we hadn’t moved out here to Texas. But, our very first ever Christmas snow was here in Texas, our first Christmas here, in 2004. That was pretty cool. It does happen, but it is a rarity.
        I hope that everyone stays safe there, Cee.


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